About Us

UBC Group is above all the distribution company working in B2B (business to business).

1. UBC Cool - a division of the holding, which develops and manufactures refrigeration equipment for beverages. UBC Cool includes 2 factories located in Ukraine (Kharkov and Vynnitsa).

UBC Сool is:

2. UBC Promo - a division of the holding, which develops and manufactures various promotional products. UBC Promo includes 2 factories located in Kharkov, Ukraine.

UBC Promo is:

3. UBC Engineering is a leading CIS company providing installation and start-up services in the food and processing industry.

4. UBC Armature is a leading CIS engineering company in the food and processing industry. UBC Armature designs and provides installation of equipment and technical processes, distributor of industrial pipe fittings.

5. UBC Distribution sells UBC Group products and services, as well as products and services of other companies in the industry profile. UBC Distribution operates in all major global markets.

6. UBC Service - a company that provides warranty and post warranty service, maintenance and repairs of refrigeration equipment. UBC Service is represented by Service Departments in Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

7. Stargorod - A unique chain of beer restaurants with own microbreweries created according to German and Czech traditions.

Multiple winner of the "Sol" Award as the best brewing restaurant in Ukraine, Platinum Platter Awards as the most popular restaurant in the Baltic countries.

UBC Group Mission

We are a priority provider of the world's best customer-focused products and services.

Our mission reflects our key market advantage - the ability to sell, deliver products to the customer, and thus meet the customer's needs.

The essence of the mission is that we meet the needs of our customers and we are the best in the world in it.

UBC Group Strategy

Fast response to customers’ demands satisfaction.

The process of continuous training to meet the customers’ demands is the base of the strategy.

Target Strategy

The main goal of UBC Group is to be the No. 1 in the markets of our business.

Attitude to Business (Work) in the Company. Our Philosophy

Working in our company is a fun game. Our goal is to make sure that our employees are as passionate as they were while being kids. A successful person does not count time, playing (working) he/she enjoys what he/she is doing. Our dream is for every employee to enjoy the job


We are looking for people giving themselves up to work and enjoying it. We offer the opportunities for professional growth within the company and together with the company. We are looking for young, ambitious people who want to change the world. We change markets, we are successful in the world, we are leaders. We are looking for people who want to become world champions in their field of activity.

We believe that business should bring more than money. It should be part of the game (work), bring satisfaction, passion, attraction, be a state of mind. The company has broader interests than just production and sales. Business is just a part of our expressive life, our game.

We are changing the world.

Identities in UBC Group

1. Our employees, corporate awards.

2. Our corporate culture includes such values as: innovation, play, fun, entertainment, quality, strong individuality. UBC Group is a lifestyle with its own position. We build relationships with clients based not only on functional, but, above all, on emotional benefits.

3. We produce world-class products. Our products are innovation and leadership. UBC Group is an innovative and creative organization with its own values and culture.

4. UBC Group Assets

UBC Group – global leadership brand.